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Current Collaborators

  • Randy Krohmer (St. Xavier University)
    Dr. Krohmer has been working with the Manitoba garter snakes since 1987, and we have worked with him on various projects, most of which examine hormones and behavior in the system.
  • Michael LeMaster (Western Oregon University)
    Dr. LeMaster is currently collaborating with Dr. Mason on the chemical ecology of the garter snakes, specifically looking at pheromone phenotypes of Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis and other closely related garter snake species.

Previous Collaborators

  • Don Powers (George Fox University)
    Dr. Powers worked with Chris Friesen on the metabolic costs of courtship and mating in male and female garter snakes.
  • Patricia Brennan(University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
    Dr. Brennan worked with Chris Friesen to assess sexual conflict mediated by genital morphology.
  • Michael Kent (Oregon State University)
    Dr. Kent worked with Emily Uhrig to identify parasites and assess their pathogenesis.
  • Vasyl Tkach (University of North Dakota)
    Dr. Tkach worked with Emily Uhrig to identify parasites using molecular methods.
  • Mimi Halpern (State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center)
    Dr. Halpern has been collaborating with us on various aspects of the Harderian gland project, from histology to experimental design.
  • Suzanne Estes (Portland State University)
    Dr. Estes collaborated with Chris Friesen to address the potential for genetic benefits to female multiple mating and the potential implications of hybrid performance on realized migration rates.
  • Richard Shine (University of Sydney)